Wednesday, October 5, 2016

oh wow...Δ...

Δ = delta = a symbol representing or signifying change

Another year gone by, another style change. Lots of things have been changing around lately, and most of them have been for the better.  I've cut toxic individuals out of my life and made new friends, and, after all these years...I'm a high school senior.
I believe i started this blog when I was a freshman - it's honestly kinda cringy going back and reading my old posts, but like I mentioned before, I think I'm gonna keep em - for old time's sake.
My art style has evolved a ton since last time I've been on here, I'm actually participating in Inktober this year, which is pretty fun, and I'm on my second year of AP art.
Here are some examples I guess? There are still lotsa dragons ahh...

^ these are all dragons I drew on Adobe Illustrator (with a mouse) from the site Flight Rising. I've gotten pretty into it as of late - it's a great community! Check out my profile if you feel like it!

my take on a gengar, also done in Illustrator with a mouse >_<

other happenings:

I've been accepted to a college - and honestly, thank goodness for that, the stress of the applications was astronomical.
Grades are kinda a struggle actually, which I don't appreciate at all, but I guess it's part of life?
I'm currently sick. When will my health return from the war.
I have a turtle named Toodles! Not sure if I mentioned this before or not uh...

anyway, I guess I'll update on here periodically? We'll see.

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