Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Thing

Here's a link.

I have become obsessed with this song

Go to the song page here.

Migraine by Twenty One Pilots on Grooveshark

So this song
And these artists
'Twenty One Pilots...'

I really just
I like them.
That's an understatement.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last Post of the Year

Thanks for reading my blog this year guys. Don't worry, I'll still post, just probably not for school anymore and probably not as often.
I'd like to thank my loyal followers for sticking with me for this long. I'd also like to thank all of my guys are awesome.
This has been a fun school year, and I'm really looking forward to next year. Hopefully, this blog will live on through the internet for suite some time. If it sinks like the titanic instead, well, at least we had this small bit of fantastical creativity.

It's been fun, you guys, and I'm gonna miss you all.
Thanks for everything!
-Sara out

Tuesday, May 20, 2014



Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just Another Ordinary Day changed by Animals

As well as technology, I really love nature. I always have, and I probably always will. In fact, I'm looking at career options in the Biology field.
Probably the thing I love most about nature is its vast diversity of animals. "It's not like you live in the middle of the woods." You might say, and you're right, I don't. However, my house is right across from a large sagebrush-covered hill (not quite large enough to be classified as a mountain, but pretty close) and I see a wide variety of wildlife (read the text in parentheses if you want to know what kinds of wildlife I see often. If you don't, just skip over the parentheses.).
(((For starters, I see deer, elk, moose, or all three nearly every day.
Now about the predators.
I've never seen a coyote in our neighborhood (or heard of one), but I have had a few close encounters with mountain lions. My dad was once mountain biking and nearly ran into one. Another time, when I was much younger, I was playing in the yard with Nina and thought I saw a deer up on the hill/mountain across from our house. I told Nina to go call Mom so she could see, and by the time Mom had gone outside, it was painfully obvious that this was not a deer.
It was a mountain lion, and probably a sick one, too. They usually don't venture down from the mountains, but this one was actively seeking out Nina and I.
There are lots of smaller animals, too. There are tons of rodents. Field mice, shrews, moles, voles, ground squirrels, chipmunks. Raccoons aren't rodents, but thy still really enjoy raiding my bird feeder at night.
I also have seen a wide variety of birds. There are tons of chickadees, magpies, robins, and blackbirds around, as well as birds of prey such as hawks and eagles.)))
Animals often influence the kind of day I'm having and my mood. When I take the bus home form school, Fuma, my dog, is always outside in the driveway to greet me. She does this adorable little dance thing where she jumps up on her hind paws and paws the air. It's seriously adorable, and her enthusiastic greeting is often the high point of my day.

Le Dog howling and doing the happy dance thingee

Please, take good care of any animals that you see. They have feelings too, you know....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I've been known to be fairly device-savvy throughout my life. Even when I was young, I enjoyed taking electronics apart and putting them back together. Unlike my little sister and my Mom, I know how to replace batteries and lightbulbs. I know how to tune radios. I can fix most problems on phones and computers in a matter of minutes. My mom always asks for help on her presentations and Powerpoints.
I've always really enjoyed art as well.  Mixing the two mediums, technology and art, was quite difficult at first. I used larger brush stroke sizes and drew more sloppily. I didn't know how to use many of the features that Paintbrush, Photoshop, Flash, and Illustrator possessed.
For example, here's a little example of one of my art things I drew on Paintbrush. It's Tony the Clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2.

Sorry that was a bit off-topic; I just thought some of you DHMIS fans out there might want to see it.
So anyway, I really like technology. I always have.
I think our generation is gonna make the awesomest grandparents ever.
"Hey Grandma! Can you help me program my iWhatever?"
"Sure thing Tommy! Let me show you a cool trick. Also, do you like cookies?"

Friday, May 9, 2014

I haven't been doing enough illustrations lately.

Don't get me wrong, I love drawing. It's just that I've been really busy lately and my drawings take up a lot of my time.
Mostly the GOOD drawings.
Not ones like these:

Ones like these only take a few minutes:

But THIS kind of illustration. These things sometimes take me half an hour or LONGER to complete.
 And it's not even finished yet!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hmm....Ten Day Detox Diet?

My entire Leadership class is participating in this strange experiment known as the Ten Day Detox Diet. What we're doing is..well...eating healthily. As in really healthily. No unnatural sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no artificially made items. Whole foods only. I've been practically surviving on smoothies and all sorts of almonds. Almond butter, salted almonds, unsalted almonds, roasted almonds, almonds in my smoothies....
This is certainly an interesting experience. This is my first diet ever, and it's actually not that hard to stick to it. The smoothies I make (although sometimes a weird shade of green) are usually pretty darn tasty.

Le me wearing pajamas making a tasty after-volleyball smoothie

So I've been feeling pretty good, actually. It's nice! I've been sleeping better, getting my homework done more quickly, and even been a bit more alert and cheerful during the day!
I even got my mom to do the Ten Day Detox Diet with me. It's been a great experience for both of us. 
Did you know that sugar was eight times more addictive than cocaine? I didn't, but now I do. It scares me quite a bit. 
Tune in next time for something awesome!

Monday, May 5, 2014


(Link to Part One Here)
We all fell asleep (which took quite a while) a few hours later, and when we woke up the next morning, it was a beautiful day to go out on the lake.
After getting sunscreened up and putting on swimsuits and such, it was time to go.
My friend Anna has a boat (as I may or may not have already told you) and also a canoe/kayak thing. We decided to start out in the canoe/kayak thing to warm up a bit.
"It's nice out." I said noncommittally. I was still recovering from being....woken up.
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Anna enthusiastically replied. By now, we had paddled out a few hundred feet into the lake, deep enough that if we capsized we would have to swim. "It's a beautiful day! Perfect for--" When she had said beautiful, she had gestured quite a lot with her arms, and the canoe/kayak thing (which we had named Finnegan (Finnegan was a pedo canoe/kayak)) capsized.
"AAH!" I screeched gracefully (not really though). The water was really, really cold. "O-oh my c-c-cod!" Anna and I were treading water, and for some reason, the story of Chuckles came back to us.
In this lake, there is a type of water-grass thing that is strangely fuzzy and tickle-ee. We had just so happened to capsize in a patch of said water-grass.
We were thinking about Chuckles as the water grass tickled our toes.
We totally, completely, and absolutely freaked out, swimming towards Finnegan the pedo canoe/kayak and climbing onto it. Finnegan had capsized, so were were climbing on to the side that normally sits in the water, and it was really slippery. The paddle was floating a few feet away from the canoe/kayak thing, out of our reach unless we swam for it.
It didn't help that Nina was swimming out towards us to see if we were okay, or perhaps to play some sort of cruel prank on us.
It turned  out that it was the second option.
When Nina arrived, Anna and I were huddled on top of the capsized Finnegan the pedo canoe/kayak thing.
Since there was an air pocket trapped under the capsized Finnegan, Nina grinned and quickly dove under, ending up under Finnegan but still able to breathe because of the air bubble trapped there.
An eerie voice floated up from under the canoe/kayak thing.
"I have de-cie-ved you~!"
And then Finnegan was pushed over again and Nina had a great time chasing us around.



Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Passive Aggressive Hat War (that may or my not actually be happening)

I have special permission to wear a hat at school, because, well, just....because. I'm special. Just don't ask about it. Most of the staff and teachers know about it, but some of them still don't know that I have permission to wear hats. Some of the people I know also think me wearing hats is 'against the rules,' which technically it is. For everyone else. This causes some harassment and hat-stealing, which really sends me over the edge.
I alost ALWAYS wear SOMETHING on my head, even at home. (Slight tangent: I wear hats so much that I apparently 'look like a totally different person' without them. My good friend Audrey was doodling a picture of me on the bus and even added a hat. It's hard to imagine me without one.)
Anyway, I usually wear hats to school. This combined with the glasses and the almost-constant presence of coffee gives me the nickname "Hipster."
That, however, is beside the point. The point is that I'm currently (probably) in a hat war with some of my fellow students.
They don't have special permission to wear hats, and whenever a teacher sees them with a hat, they're told to take the hat off. Sometimes when this happens, I'm walking with that friend (wearing a hat, of course) and they shoot me a quick glare.  They don't usually say anything, of course, but sometimes they do.
"How come you get to wear a hat?" They sometimes ask.
"Just because." I usually reply, trying to grin cockily. "Because I'm awesome."
Once in Biology class, a boy (who shall remain anonymous) was told by the teacher to tae his hood off.  "Well how come Sara gets to wear a hat?" He asked, seemingly annoyed. Luckily, my biology class is awesome.
"Be cool, ____." Someone said. "Let Sara wear her hat."
Fellow students at this school are usually okay with my hat-y-ness, but, like I mentioned earlier, people steal my hat in class sometimes. This always freaks me out a lot, but I fortunately have very cool friends who understand and help me steal my hat back.
Thanks you guys, if you're reading this. I mean it. Thanks to you and you and you.
You guys are awesome, I don't know what I'd do without you <3

Monday, April 14, 2014

An Inside View as to What Happens to me when I Eat Chocolate

The title is long, true, but this post is one of the most important posts you will ever read in your entire existence. This is big, this is a huge deal.


I hope you understand how big of a deal this is. This is from my point of view and it's what happens to me when I decide to eat chocolate. Here is the way my brain works in a step-by-step diagram....

  1. I notice the chocolate. 
  2. I pretend that I don't notice the chocolate that I just saw.
  3. I tell myself that I can't eat the chocolate because it'll bring on the apocalypse/cause acne/take over my mind.
  4. I slowly walk over to the chocolate.
  5. I study surrounding of the chocolate, looking over my shoulder as well. I need to make sure I'm not being watched and it's not a trap.
  6. I make sure it's dark chocolate. If it's not, I scoff in disgust and leave instantly.
  7. I again check to make sure it's not a trap.
  8. I slowly and carefully unwrap the chocolate.
  9. I take a tiny bite out of the corner and let the chocolate melt in my mouth.
  10. I lose all control of myself and proceed to eat/make out with the chocolate viciously.
  11. My face is usually covered in chocolate afterwords.
  12. I usually go through periods of blacking out/extreme spastic-ness followed by complete chillness and relaxation.
  13. I pretend that the whole thing never happened.
Wait what's that
Omgz is that chocolate
Oh gog it is keep a poker face Sara
I really wanna eat it now

That about sums it up. If anything or ANyONE is in the way when I spot high-quality chocolate, I insist that you get out of the way.
I'm serious, it's for your own safety.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

...FiEsTa!!! (Also Chuckles the Water Clown)

Don't ask me why I named my post this, I have no idea either.
It might be because it's fourth quarter and  we're nearing summer.
Perhaps it's due to the fact that I didn't have coffee and it's six in the morning as I'm writing this.
Or maybe I named the post FiEsTa because I was just feeling bored.
As you may have noticed (or may have not), my posts have been a bit irregular compared to how much I used to post. I apologize for this, it's just been harder and harder to come upon inspiration for posts lately. It seems that pictures from my desktop and stories of vicious dogs just aren't gonna cut it anymore.
The real reason I've made this post is to ask for your help. I need something to post about, I've run out of ideas, and you, dear readers, are my LAST HOPE.
Do you guys have any ideas?
Any flashes of fantastic inspiration that you wish to share with me?
Any random epiphanies?
If so, I'd be thrilled to hear about them. If you give me permission to make a post about them, well, you've just saved my blog.
Aslo my English grade.
Also it would help me get un-grounded and get my phone back, that would be truly fantastic.

Now to skip to another, less boring and less serious topic.
Chuckles the Water Clown and Slenderman.

Le setting:
I was with one of my good friends, Anna, last summer. We were at Bear Lake with Anna and her family and my family, too. That includes my little sister, Nina, who I owe a ton of credit to for helping me with this awesome prank thing, if you could call it that. Actually, since Nina obviously inherited her prankster genius from yours truly, let's say it was mostly Nina who did all the work.
It was  a heart attack for Anna and the rest of us laughing about it until she tipped the kayak over.
Bear lake, in case you don't know, is a huge, massivelybiggiant lake that is super, super blue. It's always very fun to go there, as there is a beach as well and the water temperature is fantastic. Not to mention the fact that Anna's family has a boat that they so kindly let us use each summer.


Nina, Danielle (Anna's li'l sis who's Nina's age), Maria(Anna's littler sis), Anna and I were sitting around the campfire one night, roasting hot dogs (and after that, marshmallows). Our parents were there too, but they were all sitting at the table talking about the plans for tomorrow. Us kids and teens were the only ones at the fire. We were all staring into the fire, watching the flames dance. It had been quiet for a while. After a few more minutes, Nina spoke, her face eerie with all the flames flickering over it.
"Do you want to hear a ghost story?" She asked, followed by a sinister grin, one that I was very proud of.
At this point, I was a bit alarmed, seeing how Nina is the ghost story MASTER and Anna (no offense to her of her sisters) is pretty gullible and easily frightened.
"Sure!" Anna replied. She had no idea what she was in for.
"Uh, Anna." I said quietly. "Are you sure you want to hear a ghost story?"
Anna nodded eagerly, and I sat back in my chair, watching the fire crackle. It was dark out, slightly windy, and I couldn't help but shiver a little. I could almost FEEL Nina's wonderful awful idea build over the flames.
"Nina, are you sure about this?" I asked her. She nodded. "....Okay."
So she began.
"Once there was a boy. He went to the circus with his family for his birthday. He was turning..." Nina thought for a second. Even the tiniest details counted. "He was seven." I tried to hold back a smile. I had never heard this particular story before, but I knew it was gonna be good. Nina's stories almost always are.
"There was this clown at the circus that was totally cool. He kept giving the boy all sorts of attention and popcorn and things. The boy was having a great time!"
I was beginning to get a sense of where this was going.
"Finally, the clown (whose name was Chuckles, by the way) asked for a volunteer for one of those thingamajig boxes where you saw people in half. You know those boxes?"Nina asked. Anna nodded.
I thought to myself that the story could be better if she worded it a bit differently, but I wasn't complaining. Anna looked vaguely freaked out, and that was good enough. Fortunately, the story was getting better as it went on.
"Well, the boy raised his hand and of course the clown chose him. as the volunteer. Chuckles took the boy to the middle of the circus ring and put him in the box. The boy was getting pretty nervous because Chuckles hadn't said a word the whole time. Also he locked the box."
Anna nodded in anticipation.
"Chuckles leaned down and whispered something in the boy's ear, still smiling. Do you know what he said? He said, I have deceived you."
(Parts two and three in further posts)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I usually like animals. Just not when they're attacking me.

As the title quite clearly states, I usually like animals. Actually, I love animals. I have lots of pets that I take good care of, and I'm always ready to donate some of my time and love towards any creature, ever (except for cave centipedes. Those things scare me to death.)
Usually, dogs like me. Only under two instances have I ever been attacked by dogs. Once was by two vicious black poodles (The big ones, not the little ones.) and once was by a half-starved boxer and a pit bull. Surprisingly, I've never actually been bitten by any of these dogs. The poodles attempted to, and the boxer wanted to, but neither of them did.
I think I'll start by telling you the story of the boxer and how my dog heroically saved the day.
Nina (my little sister) and I were told to go take Fuma, our dog, on a walk. We went outside and put her on a leash, and we were off.
We weren't fifty yards from our house when these two dogs came barreling towards us at full speed. Like I mentioned earlier, one of them was a boxer that looked like it hadn't eaten in a week or so, and the other was a pit bull that looked pretty big and had a collar, like maybe it belonged to someone.
I quickly let go of Fuma's leash. There was no way she would be able to hold her own against a boxer and a pit bull. I wanted her to be able to run.
I instantly told my sister not to run, but she was panicked, so she did. She made it to the large aspen tree in our yard and began to climb it.
The pit bull was pursuing her, but it didn't look very aggressive. It was wagging its tail and panting, the hair on its back was down, and looked more like it wanted to be petted than everything.
Nina was safe up the tree, but I had a very aggressive boxer barking and snarling at me. I remained calm, no screaming or running away or anything. I knew that if I began to run, the dog's instinct to chase and take me down would kick in.
I was, at this point, trying to figure out a way to simultaneously teleport me, Nina, and Fuma inside.
The boxer was beginning to get more aggressive. It was growling, barking and snarling, and it was kinda making these little half-lunges at me.
At about this time, Fuma, my awesome dog, jumped between the boxer and I. To my surprise, she drove the vicious dog back from me. The boxer and pit bull were obviously intimidated, and they ran off, giving Nina, Fuma, and I the chance to run inside.
Don't believe me?
Ask me in person.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Take this survey? If you don't I'm gonna fail English.

Here's the link.

Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm having lots of trouble finishing posts.

I don't really know why, either. I just lately seem to be experiencing quite a bit of difficulty. Is it school stress? Writer's block? Other homework? Just like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, the world may never know.
Ironically, I'm currently eating a tootsie pop. Maybe I should have counted the licks?
Actually, I don't really lick tootsie pops. I just kinda eat them like a normal person, you know?
I wasn't kidding, I actually AM eating a tootsie pop.
It's a chocolate one. Yummy.
I'm also in homework club right now. I don't know why this applies to this post at all, but I suppose it does, somehow. I think. After homework club, I have volleyball practice. This means that I likely won't get home until six tonight. *Sigh.*
I'm gettin' really tired of Homework club really fast. Somehow, I still have this lollipop. It's still tasty.
Oh man. I'm now one of the--get this--THREE other people in here.
At least I have my music!

Okay, now I'm just procrastinating.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Gif Debate

Ome of the biggest debates on the internet:
Is the word 'gif' pronounced like Jiff (the peanut butter) or like Gift minus the 't' at the end?
The world may never know, but how about you? If you want, post a comment of what you think the pronunciation of this feared and revered word is.

This post is pretty must just a series of GIFs I think you might find amusing. It's an apology, of sorts, for my recent lack of posting.
Do gifs even work on blogger?
I guess we'll find out.

Paula Deen riding things-look it up. 

Because why not have a Homestuck gif? This adorable little dude is the Mayor of Cantown.

More Homestuck.  I <3 Dave Strider.


Hercules gif!



Oh gosh, I keep trying to post these, but they keep crashing my computer. I think I'll do a gif post part two to prevent this. 
I promise I'll post it later!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finals Week is almost OVER!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Songs to Wear Pants To

This is my first ever music post! I know a few posts ago I told you I'd mainly focus on art, but.....this band.
this band.
They count as art, they do, I promise.
I know that music posts are usually pretty boring, but I want you to click that link. You will not regret it. Promise. Also, listen to the song below for a preview of the beautiful musics this band does.
Click the link! Run free! Explore!
Have fun looking at all the songs. You'll laugh your face off.

Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows by Songs To Wear Pants To on Grooveshark

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sarcasm Curse (And Oodles of Audrey Links)

Just a quick note, this post was inspired (heavily) by my good friend Audrey, the same Audrey whose blog is linked in her name. The very same Audrey who drew a more awesome dragon than I did. The same Audrey I took selfies with and started a class riot with (Link to that post here, I promise it's not another Audrey link). Also, don't try clicking on all the Audrey links, they all lead to Audrey's blog's home page. Sorry, I think I'm having too much fun with the Audrey links here. Hehe, sorry about all the blog views Audrey. Now you owe me one (slip a link in a post for me, will ya Audrey?)
AudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudrey. Heheh.

That side note wasn't as quick as I hoped it would be, unfortunately....ahah....

....Moving on....

Those of you who know me know that I'm a very sarcastic person. Well, I try to be. There's a slight issue I have with sarcasm that all my friends will confirm.
Unless I'm trying really, REALLY hard, my normal voice sounds almost exactly like my sarcastic voice.
If you thought I was showcasing my sarcastic talents back in that last sentence, you were very wrong. In fact, I could never have been more sincere about something in my life
*coughs* I wasn't being sarcastic there, either, just so you know.
As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, my normal voice has some sort of quality to it that makes it sound constantly sarcastic. This can be a problem for me, especially in conversations.
Serious conversations.
Here's an example of a conversation gone terribly wrong due to someone misinterpreting my facial cues and voice...

Context: On a lake on my friend's parents' boat

Me (To a friend's parent): This boat can go super fast.
Friend's parent: Well, if you don't like it, why don't we just make you fall out of this extremely suicidal inner tube we're towing you in.
Me: Ohno. *Gets thrown out of inner tube*

Context: My Birthday Party several years ago

Me (to guest): Thanks, I've always wanted one of these! It's even my favorite color! *cheesy grin*
Guest: Well I have a receipt. You can return it if you don't like it. *Sulks*
Me: Ohno. *proceeds to hug guest*

Context: Restauraunt with Family

Me (to waitress/waiter): Ooh, can I have some more breadsicks please? They're just so tasty!
Waitress/er: *struggles to maintain smiling face* If you're dissatisfied with your meal, due to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we can offer you all of your money back.
Me: Ohno. It's actually really tasty. *proceeds to explain to waiter/tress)

As you can see, this whole sarcasm curse is a bit of a...well....a curse. I'm actually really polite (most of the time), promise. It's not that I have a problem with sarcasm, I actually really love it. It's just that after a while, you get a bit tired of being istaken for some sort of cynical jerk who insults everything and everyone.
If you ever meet me, I wish you luck discerning my sarcasm from my normal speech.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Uh, what now?

I have no idea what to post about next.
Not anything personal, obviously. That stuff is super boring.
Like I said at some point earlier, I would like to keep my personal stuff off of this blog. I don't know, it's just I don't really enjoy reading about other people's problems, and so I'd like to keep this blog a light and happy atmosphere you can go to feel better, laugh, and generally procrastinate.
I want my readers to have fun reading my blog! Please, if you have any suggestions for posts or post ideas, post a comment. I'd love to contribute some of your art or work or something on my blog, or maybe even draw something for you!
I'm sorry for that little tangent there. Now it's time for the real post. Like, the legit thing.
Of course, it'll include some of my drawings.
Of course, it'll have some sort of (my attempt of) humor.
Of course, it'll have some sort of random label.
Here we go again.
A subject of art that I've been focusing on a lot lately is drawing...well, animals. All sorts of animals. Mostly mammals and reptiles, of course, but also fictional creatures. I do have a few favorite things to draw, though. You've probably guessed by now that they're:

  • Puffins
  • Dragons
  • My Dog
  • ....more dragons
  • Dinosaurs
  • .........even more dragons.....
  • Okay, maybe I'm totally obsessed with drawing dragons.
Today, though, I'm gonna try to draw something new, something completely different! I think. Hopefully.
Actually, I give up. Here's a hoss. (That's a horse, by the way.)

So...happy birthday. Take some cake or something.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

All of these Posts are Rather Pointless

But they're still fun.
Hey hey hey! How's life in the world of the reader (you)? Anything fun happen lately?
Oh, well, okay. I guess since I don't really have much else to talk about, I'll be telling you more about myself.
Mostly my childhood.
Specifically my elementary school years.
In elementary school, I was waaaay different than I am now. I LARPed (Live Action Role Played) as some sort of mythical creature 24/7, and my friends and I had a club called the DC, or Dragon Club.
These days were mostly in 2nd through 5th grade, though. First grade.....bleh. Not so fun.
It was because I was a little kid and rather socially unacceptable. I didn't realize how bad it was at the time, but it was pretty bad.
I had relatively long hair that I always wore in two braids, and I was still talking in a tiny bit of a Texan accent. I tended to wear totally un-matching clothes ALL the time (and refused to wear jeans), I ate a ton but was super skinny, and....and just....I was kind of a jerk to everyone and I was rather cocky and full of myself. It was annoying.
To sum it up, I had straight-cut bangs.
Did I already mention how bad it was?

Here's an illustration of my elementary school self.
Like I said, it was bad. And this is how I met and introduced myself to my BFF of elementary school.

It's pretty bad.

I also ended up beating up a few football players who were my age after they insulted me and my BFF. 
Actually, they insulted my 'griffin's honor,' (LARPed as a golden griffin) which was a HUGE deal to me.

Here's a small comparison of what I thought I was and did compared to what I ACTUALLY was and did.

I thought I was all like:
A Griffin

But I was actually all like:

So that about explains my Elementary School Years.
I hope you had fun reading!

Friday, March 7, 2014



Friday, February 28, 2014

Everyone's posting their vital vocabs on their blogs! (And my obsession with dragons)

I don't really want to. Although I guess my vital vocab is pretty fun to write, I'd rather keep this un-related to school as possible. Maybe I'll get more pageviews that way? Well, at least that's what my deluded mind is saying. Even if I'm wrong about this, I think I might just keep this as a mainly art-focused blog. I think it's more fun for me that way.
Anyway, how are you? Anything fun happening in your life? I've been drawing a bunch of dragons on Paintbrush. They're all quite pretty in my opinion, but still not nearly as good as Audrey's dragon.
Keep in mind, though, that I don't have a drawing pad. I need to draw all these dragons with my trackpad. Also a thing you should know is that these dragons are based off of a book I was writing with my friends a while back (we stopped quite some time ago.)
All these dragons already have names, and all of them are based off of the characters in the book.
Just clarifying.

So here you go!

As you may have noticed by now, I'm kinda obsessed with drawing dragons. Perhaps it's because a dragon is the only creature I can draw (fairly) well. I hoped you enjoyed those pictures at least! If you want, you can leave me feedback for improving or what I'm doing well in this post's comments.
See you during my next post!
(Update: As you can probably see, I replaced the first brown dragon (the third one down) with a redraw. The first one just wasn't good enough for me. So....enjoy the new and improved one!)
(DoubleUpdate: Also, I updated the purple, grey, and red one. So. Yeah. That one's different too. (It's the second to last now.))

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I actually have no explanation for this.

.......still no explanation.

*runs away quickly*

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Riding the Struggle Bus (Me complaining about Volleyball)

Actually, I don't think I've talked about volleyball ONCE on this blog, which is surprising, because it's called "Hilarious Volleyblog."
You want me to talk about volleyball, you say? You want to know of my adventures, you tell me?
Fine, but this ain't gonna be pretty. Consider yourself warned.
As I may or may not have mentioned in an earlier post(I'm too lazy to go back and check), I'm sick. Still sick. I really don't want to go to volleyball because:

  1. I can't breathe out of my nose
  2. I seem to be sneezing out of control
  3. My throat feels like I gargled acid, nails, and sandpaper at the same time
  4. I feel like I have a fever
  5. One of my ears is blocked, so I'm dizzy
  6. This was just to make six (my lucky number).
Can you imagine me trying to play volleyball? I'd probably make a fool of myself. And probably make a fool out of someone I may or may not run int--
oh fantastic. Dad's gonna make me go anyway.
I may as well get ready for two hours of torture. Although I usually like volleyball and practicing, today.....just no.
(Update: Oh wow, he actually didn't make me go after I made it known to him the sheer amount of misery I was feeling. Yay! Now I get to....

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why I Should Never be Bored and Home Alone

I drew eyebrows on my dog with a silver Sharpie. The poor thing.
She doesn't mind at all though. That's why I love love LOVE my doggie. Love her.
Neither does she. I think she rather likes her new Eyebrows.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm supposed to write another post?

Wow you guys. Just wow. Keeping up with all of your demands is getting exhausting.
Although you guys really aren't requesting anything.
But if you did, if you commented on a post and asked for a specific post, or if you asked me to draw something for you, I'd be glad to do that. I'd even add a link to your blog after the picture! Just keep in mind I really suck at drawing people.
Now, to get down to business.
I was recently in San Diego. I actually just got back yesterday. It's so snowy here! What's up with that? I think I liked it better when it was a sunny 75ºF. *sighhhhh...*
It's been decided (by me) that I need to dump more information about myself on you guys, although it's completely unnecessary. To make it easier reading for the victims, I'll do so in a handy little list.

  • I really enjoy listening to music. Here's a link to my Grooveshark profile (in case you're actually interested in what kind of music I listen to.)
  • Drawing is actually a huge part of my life. Like, a really huge part. I don't know what I'd do without it! Probably live in a constant stage of eating chocolate.
  • Chocolate--mostly dark chocolate--is also a huge part of my life. 
  • I drew you a graph of huge important things in my life!

Now here's a graph of all the good things I tend to think about the most in life...

The rest of the stuff is stuff I'd rather keep in my mind, thanks. It's none of your business, really, and heavily guarded by mind-dragons and Markus. 

Now here's a graph of...of, uh.....
What should I make a graph of next? I have no idea. *shrug*
I guess I'll show you some mind dragons.

Heck yeah! I have several of these bros here guarding my mind whoooooooooo!!!!