Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stuff you should probably know if you want to read this

...Since I have no idea how to put this under the "Who, me? o_O" tab, I guess I'll just put it where everything else goes. The boring old home page. *siiigh.* I guess I should tell you some stuff about myself. It only makes sense, due to the fact that this is an "about me" page. e_e

  • I absolutely love useless websites. They're gorgeous and beautiful and fantastically wondrous.
  • I am a very sarcastic person. Or dinosaur.
  • I usually make the first word in a bulleted list "I."
  • I love to draw.
  • Dragons are my number one FAVORITE animal. Ever. So I mostly end up drawing them.
  • My friend Audrey is a lot more skilled at drawing than me, so don't go to her blog. --__--
  • My most hilarious moment involves bees, a chainsaw, and much pain on my part.
That's all you need to know about me. 
Now, here are some more things that you may or may not want to know. 
If I were a dinosaur, I would be a....TEA REX
If I were an animal, I would totally be a narwhal. Those things are sea unicorns.
I have a mom and a dad, obviously. We live in a house. (You guys are probably thinking, "NO WAY!")
My pets include a dog, a hamster, a fish, and a little sister. (The little sister is the hardest to control, by far.)
I'm a huge prankster.....
When I was a lot younger, in maybe fifth grade, I convinced her that a fancy word for "throwing a snowball"" was "spontaneously combust." After that, I put my genius little fifth grade brain into action and threw a snowball at her. My lil' sis ran inside to tattle.
"MOOOMMM!" She screamed. I waited outside the window, laughing like a rabid kookaburra hyena hybrid. This is gonna be great. 
It was wonderful, as you can imagine.
Another prank I played on her was when I was in third grade and she was in first.
"Lewis and Clark were the first men to sail across the ocean in a yellow inflatable raft." 
She fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker. She actually believed that until school the next day.
One more thing you should know about me.....
I don't want to go among mad people.
Oh, you can't help that....

That's about it, friends. 

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Friends and I

Yeah, again I apologize for the uncreative's okay, though. It's all good, because the body text usually makes up for that.
As you have probably guessed by now, this blog post is about (mis)adventures that I've had with all of my friends. And trust me on this, there are plenty. 
First of all, I think I'll introduce everyone. Well, all of my friends, that is. I don't think I've personified my misadventures. If I did, I would be all like, "Oh, hi there Misadventure Number Three!"

I have quite a few friends. There's Anna, Allie, Alix, Audrey, Abbi (and that's just the As), Bailey, Jordan, Siri, Gabe, Madison.....and, uh, I'm 90% sure that's it. Most of them commented on my other blog. 
(I'm sorry if I forgot you! :(  I have a pretty awful memory.  )
So, we've done tons of stuff together, and it's usually really fun stuff! We go and do stuff a lot, and sometimes we hang out at people's houses.
I love my friends a lot. I was actually introduced to them in sixth grade, when I was a lot grumpier than I am now. It was crazy how grumpy I was.
A typical conversation between Nina (my sister) and I when I was in 6th grade:

Nina: "Hey Sara! How was school today? Aren't you excited to go to that play we're going to see tonight?!

And I'm all: "Sure."

So, as you can see, I was pretty grumpy. I met my friends and then I wasn't so grumpy anymore, because I had more friends.
So, yeah. I think that's it for today.