Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Look at this cute lil dragon gif I made!

This is the first 'animation' gif I have made. Made on paintbrush with trackpad and this awesome website!

OK so here's what's up

I'm keeping all of my old (crappy) blogposts on here but hopefully over time they'll be covered up by the new ones.

I wanted to keep my old blogposts on here because I like seeing how much my writing and 'art' style has changed over time, as well as how my personality has evolved. Thanks for dealing with the old stuff.

You may have noticed (if you actually read this blog, which is unlikely,) that I have made several changes, including the blog name, the font, and some aspects of the color and layout. I changed these things to 'evolve' or 'level up' my blog I guess. Last time I really changed things around was in like the 8th or 9th grade, so.

Welcome to Wonderland, I suppose.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Okay did I hear someone ask for my 'new' art?

No i did not but imma post it anyway haha you can't stop me

a robot unicorn head i decided to doodle one day

Poorly drawn and colored dragon head I literally threw together in like 3 minutes because of this god forsaken blog post


My lil sis made a blog. It's here, if you wanna check it out.


Alas, how I miss it. The sheer
Simplicity of 'art' so old. 
My mind wandered through 'ere,
Never have I drawn a  whale so (pink) bold.

This pegacorn is awful actually
Wow okay it's really bad i'm not even gonna try to rhyme here

what is this supposed to be
Okay i'm done I can't even come up with rhymes for these atrociously old pieces wow uh okay

jk i regret everything