Thursday, December 19, 2013


My dog isn't stupid, exactly. In fact, she's rather smart. She just lacks social skills, I guess. She's always getting in the way, and I tend to trip over her a lot.
Then again, I tend to trip over everything a lot, but that's besides the point.
(Then again, this blog is all about tangents, no? I suppose I can elaborate on the extent of my tripping.)
Just last night, I fell down the stairs, twice, and broke the handrail when I tried to catch myself. At four o' clock in the morning this morning, I fell down a different flight of stairs.
Unfortunately for me, my house has three flights of stairs. The most hazardous ones are the ones leading to the basement, though, because they're the longest.
I can't help it, I'm having a growth spurt and my feet sometimes don't listen to my head. Don't judge.
Right, before this whole tangent began, I was talking about my dog. She looks like this:

A lot like the Hyperbole and a Half dog, I know. I even named my post similarly. I swear I'm not making this up. My dog legitimately looks like this.  Just ask Maddie. I'm not ripping off Hyperbole and a Half. Promise!
Anyway, Fuma is nice. She really likes milkbones, leftovers, and sleeping in the sun. She also really likes stepping on my foot, for some reason. She needs to learn some doggy manners, of course, but she knows lots of tricks, and she used to know how to open the door as a puppy. Yes, our door. The one with the knob.
She forgot, though, luckily.
Welp, I thought I should introduce you to Fuma. She's kinda clumsy, but adorable.

.....Bye now!

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