Thursday, April 10, 2014

...FiEsTa!!! (Also Chuckles the Water Clown)

Don't ask me why I named my post this, I have no idea either.
It might be because it's fourth quarter and  we're nearing summer.
Perhaps it's due to the fact that I didn't have coffee and it's six in the morning as I'm writing this.
Or maybe I named the post FiEsTa because I was just feeling bored.
As you may have noticed (or may have not), my posts have been a bit irregular compared to how much I used to post. I apologize for this, it's just been harder and harder to come upon inspiration for posts lately. It seems that pictures from my desktop and stories of vicious dogs just aren't gonna cut it anymore.
The real reason I've made this post is to ask for your help. I need something to post about, I've run out of ideas, and you, dear readers, are my LAST HOPE.
Do you guys have any ideas?
Any flashes of fantastic inspiration that you wish to share with me?
Any random epiphanies?
If so, I'd be thrilled to hear about them. If you give me permission to make a post about them, well, you've just saved my blog.
Aslo my English grade.
Also it would help me get un-grounded and get my phone back, that would be truly fantastic.

Now to skip to another, less boring and less serious topic.
Chuckles the Water Clown and Slenderman.

Le setting:
I was with one of my good friends, Anna, last summer. We were at Bear Lake with Anna and her family and my family, too. That includes my little sister, Nina, who I owe a ton of credit to for helping me with this awesome prank thing, if you could call it that. Actually, since Nina obviously inherited her prankster genius from yours truly, let's say it was mostly Nina who did all the work.
It was  a heart attack for Anna and the rest of us laughing about it until she tipped the kayak over.
Bear lake, in case you don't know, is a huge, massivelybiggiant lake that is super, super blue. It's always very fun to go there, as there is a beach as well and the water temperature is fantastic. Not to mention the fact that Anna's family has a boat that they so kindly let us use each summer.


Nina, Danielle (Anna's li'l sis who's Nina's age), Maria(Anna's littler sis), Anna and I were sitting around the campfire one night, roasting hot dogs (and after that, marshmallows). Our parents were there too, but they were all sitting at the table talking about the plans for tomorrow. Us kids and teens were the only ones at the fire. We were all staring into the fire, watching the flames dance. It had been quiet for a while. After a few more minutes, Nina spoke, her face eerie with all the flames flickering over it.
"Do you want to hear a ghost story?" She asked, followed by a sinister grin, one that I was very proud of.
At this point, I was a bit alarmed, seeing how Nina is the ghost story MASTER and Anna (no offense to her of her sisters) is pretty gullible and easily frightened.
"Sure!" Anna replied. She had no idea what she was in for.
"Uh, Anna." I said quietly. "Are you sure you want to hear a ghost story?"
Anna nodded eagerly, and I sat back in my chair, watching the fire crackle. It was dark out, slightly windy, and I couldn't help but shiver a little. I could almost FEEL Nina's wonderful awful idea build over the flames.
"Nina, are you sure about this?" I asked her. She nodded. "....Okay."
So she began.
"Once there was a boy. He went to the circus with his family for his birthday. He was turning..." Nina thought for a second. Even the tiniest details counted. "He was seven." I tried to hold back a smile. I had never heard this particular story before, but I knew it was gonna be good. Nina's stories almost always are.
"There was this clown at the circus that was totally cool. He kept giving the boy all sorts of attention and popcorn and things. The boy was having a great time!"
I was beginning to get a sense of where this was going.
"Finally, the clown (whose name was Chuckles, by the way) asked for a volunteer for one of those thingamajig boxes where you saw people in half. You know those boxes?"Nina asked. Anna nodded.
I thought to myself that the story could be better if she worded it a bit differently, but I wasn't complaining. Anna looked vaguely freaked out, and that was good enough. Fortunately, the story was getting better as it went on.
"Well, the boy raised his hand and of course the clown chose him. as the volunteer. Chuckles took the boy to the middle of the circus ring and put him in the box. The boy was getting pretty nervous because Chuckles hadn't said a word the whole time. Also he locked the box."
Anna nodded in anticipation.
"Chuckles leaned down and whispered something in the boy's ear, still smiling. Do you know what he said? He said, I have deceived you."
(Parts two and three in further posts)

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