Friday, February 28, 2014

Everyone's posting their vital vocabs on their blogs! (And my obsession with dragons)

I don't really want to. Although I guess my vital vocab is pretty fun to write, I'd rather keep this un-related to school as possible. Maybe I'll get more pageviews that way? Well, at least that's what my deluded mind is saying. Even if I'm wrong about this, I think I might just keep this as a mainly art-focused blog. I think it's more fun for me that way.
Anyway, how are you? Anything fun happening in your life? I've been drawing a bunch of dragons on Paintbrush. They're all quite pretty in my opinion, but still not nearly as good as Audrey's dragon.
Keep in mind, though, that I don't have a drawing pad. I need to draw all these dragons with my trackpad. Also a thing you should know is that these dragons are based off of a book I was writing with my friends a while back (we stopped quite some time ago.)
All these dragons already have names, and all of them are based off of the characters in the book.
Just clarifying.

So here you go!

As you may have noticed by now, I'm kinda obsessed with drawing dragons. Perhaps it's because a dragon is the only creature I can draw (fairly) well. I hoped you enjoyed those pictures at least! If you want, you can leave me feedback for improving or what I'm doing well in this post's comments.
See you during my next post!
(Update: As you can probably see, I replaced the first brown dragon (the third one down) with a redraw. The first one just wasn't good enough for me. So....enjoy the new and improved one!)
(DoubleUpdate: Also, I updated the purple, grey, and red one. So. Yeah. That one's different too. (It's the second to last now.))


  1. These are awesome! I especially love the pink and the turquoise dragons!

  2. you're so good at drawing dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!