Friday, January 31, 2014

Why my Username has to do with Puffins

 Now, the title of this post may seem strange. But then again, when has it ever been ordinary? I actually can't think of a single instance of this anomaly of a normal title.
Moving on.
My username has to do with puffins for several reasons. First of all, a year or maybe a little more ago, my friends all got into this anime called Hetalia (where all of the countries are personified. They're literally people). My friends started assigning us all to the characters of this manga we were most like, and I ended up being Iceland, due to his relatively quiet personality. 
Here's a picture of him for you to see!

Right, so I ended up being Iceland (I was Japan also, but that's a story for another post. My official name was 'Icelapan.') and Iceland had a puffin. As you may know if you've read or heard of my aforementioned other blog, I traveled around Europe for a while, and then went to Central America. I decided to keep a blog to show my adventures and such, and it ended up being a big hit, with over two thousand pageviews. 
So, before I left for Europe, one of my good friends Bailey bought me a stuffed animal puffin for my early birthday present. I was elated, since my character was Iceland. I tied a red bow around the puffin's neck for the bowtie. I decided to bring that puffin to Europe and take pictures with him around all of those famous landmarks. 
So...I did. I took lots of pictures, and if you want to see some pictures of puffins (in front of famous things) just go to my other blog. The link's up there somewhere, and I'm too lazy to post it again.
My username has to do with puffins for these reasons, and I hope this cleared things up for you, in case you were confused (as people usually are). 
Also, Mr. Puffin came to school with me today.
Yup, here's the famous Mr. Puffin. In the flesh.
I have no idea how he got into my jacket pocket. He just...appears sometimes.
I've stopped questioning it.

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