Thursday, February 6, 2014


I was just rereading my blog, and I read over my last post, and I promised you a conversation with Markus, and I DIDN'T DO IT!
So here's a post to make up for it, and it's mostly (Actually, all about) Markus.
Here you go, friends!

Sorry bro. Didn't mean to. But we haven't talked to you in forever! We were just wondering how you've been.

Chill, bro. I mean, it's not like it's the end of the world, right? Now say hi.

Wow there, Markus. That's an awful lot of bitterness you're carrying around in your adorable, monster-y fa├žade. Maybe you should take a chill pill.

Oh dear....Markus, get that Chill Pill away from me. They contradict my daily dosage of chocolate.

Uh...aha, Markus.....get that thing away from me, please....

Oh dear, uh, Markus.....I'm afraid I might have driven you crazy.....

NO! Nobody has the power to chill that much! Nobody! If you make me eat it, I'll turn into a.....

Welp. Typing with wings for hands is really difficult, I'm afraid. I probably shouldn't have bothered Markus...this'll take a while to wear off. But, WILL wear off. In a few hours. For now, though, I think I might have to hide under my bed.
I have the strangest urge to go under my bed.
Or maybe in a closet somewhere.
Maybe I'll pop out and scare some people.

1 comment:

  1. You have NO IDEA how long it takes to make these illustrations. NO IDEA, I TELL YOU!
    It's really hard.
    *curls up under bed and nibbles on a bar of chocolate*