Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Riding the Struggle Bus (Me complaining about Volleyball)

Actually, I don't think I've talked about volleyball ONCE on this blog, which is surprising, because it's called "Hilarious Volleyblog."
You want me to talk about volleyball, you say? You want to know of my adventures, you tell me?
Fine, but this ain't gonna be pretty. Consider yourself warned.
As I may or may not have mentioned in an earlier post(I'm too lazy to go back and check), I'm sick. Still sick. I really don't want to go to volleyball because:

  1. I can't breathe out of my nose
  2. I seem to be sneezing out of control
  3. My throat feels like I gargled acid, nails, and sandpaper at the same time
  4. I feel like I have a fever
  5. One of my ears is blocked, so I'm dizzy
  6. This was just to make six (my lucky number).
Can you imagine me trying to play volleyball? I'd probably make a fool of myself. And probably make a fool out of someone I may or may not run int--
oh fantastic. Dad's gonna make me go anyway.
I may as well get ready for two hours of torture. Although I usually like volleyball and practicing, today.....just no.
(Update: Oh wow, he actually didn't make me go after I made it known to him the sheer amount of misery I was feeling. Yay! Now I get to....

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