Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Passive Aggressive Hat War (that may or my not actually be happening)

I have special permission to wear a hat at school, because, well, just....because. I'm special. Just don't ask about it. Most of the staff and teachers know about it, but some of them still don't know that I have permission to wear hats. Some of the people I know also think me wearing hats is 'against the rules,' which technically it is. For everyone else. This causes some harassment and hat-stealing, which really sends me over the edge.
I alost ALWAYS wear SOMETHING on my head, even at home. (Slight tangent: I wear hats so much that I apparently 'look like a totally different person' without them. My good friend Audrey was doodling a picture of me on the bus and even added a hat. It's hard to imagine me without one.)
Anyway, I usually wear hats to school. This combined with the glasses and the almost-constant presence of coffee gives me the nickname "Hipster."
That, however, is beside the point. The point is that I'm currently (probably) in a hat war with some of my fellow students.
They don't have special permission to wear hats, and whenever a teacher sees them with a hat, they're told to take the hat off. Sometimes when this happens, I'm walking with that friend (wearing a hat, of course) and they shoot me a quick glare.  They don't usually say anything, of course, but sometimes they do.
"How come you get to wear a hat?" They sometimes ask.
"Just because." I usually reply, trying to grin cockily. "Because I'm awesome."
Once in Biology class, a boy (who shall remain anonymous) was told by the teacher to tae his hood off.  "Well how come Sara gets to wear a hat?" He asked, seemingly annoyed. Luckily, my biology class is awesome.
"Be cool, ____." Someone said. "Let Sara wear her hat."
Fellow students at this school are usually okay with my hat-y-ness, but, like I mentioned earlier, people steal my hat in class sometimes. This always freaks me out a lot, but I fortunately have very cool friends who understand and help me steal my hat back.
Thanks you guys, if you're reading this. I mean it. Thanks to you and you and you.
You guys are awesome, I don't know what I'd do without you <3


  1. that pizza is aggressive. xD So why do you get to wear a hat? I'm intrigued and approve of your hattiness.

    1. it's cause she's awesome is all. the teachers love her. Sara's the cooliest cat of them all yo.