Thursday, April 3, 2014

I usually like animals. Just not when they're attacking me.

As the title quite clearly states, I usually like animals. Actually, I love animals. I have lots of pets that I take good care of, and I'm always ready to donate some of my time and love towards any creature, ever (except for cave centipedes. Those things scare me to death.)
Usually, dogs like me. Only under two instances have I ever been attacked by dogs. Once was by two vicious black poodles (The big ones, not the little ones.) and once was by a half-starved boxer and a pit bull. Surprisingly, I've never actually been bitten by any of these dogs. The poodles attempted to, and the boxer wanted to, but neither of them did.
I think I'll start by telling you the story of the boxer and how my dog heroically saved the day.
Nina (my little sister) and I were told to go take Fuma, our dog, on a walk. We went outside and put her on a leash, and we were off.
We weren't fifty yards from our house when these two dogs came barreling towards us at full speed. Like I mentioned earlier, one of them was a boxer that looked like it hadn't eaten in a week or so, and the other was a pit bull that looked pretty big and had a collar, like maybe it belonged to someone.
I quickly let go of Fuma's leash. There was no way she would be able to hold her own against a boxer and a pit bull. I wanted her to be able to run.
I instantly told my sister not to run, but she was panicked, so she did. She made it to the large aspen tree in our yard and began to climb it.
The pit bull was pursuing her, but it didn't look very aggressive. It was wagging its tail and panting, the hair on its back was down, and looked more like it wanted to be petted than everything.
Nina was safe up the tree, but I had a very aggressive boxer barking and snarling at me. I remained calm, no screaming or running away or anything. I knew that if I began to run, the dog's instinct to chase and take me down would kick in.
I was, at this point, trying to figure out a way to simultaneously teleport me, Nina, and Fuma inside.
The boxer was beginning to get more aggressive. It was growling, barking and snarling, and it was kinda making these little half-lunges at me.
At about this time, Fuma, my awesome dog, jumped between the boxer and I. To my surprise, she drove the vicious dog back from me. The boxer and pit bull were obviously intimidated, and they ran off, giving Nina, Fuma, and I the chance to run inside.
Don't believe me?
Ask me in person.

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  1. I love Fuma. She's the best dog ever (excluding, of course, my childhood dog Tracey).