Monday, May 5, 2014


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We all fell asleep (which took quite a while) a few hours later, and when we woke up the next morning, it was a beautiful day to go out on the lake.
After getting sunscreened up and putting on swimsuits and such, it was time to go.
My friend Anna has a boat (as I may or may not have already told you) and also a canoe/kayak thing. We decided to start out in the canoe/kayak thing to warm up a bit.
"It's nice out." I said noncommittally. I was still recovering from being....woken up.
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Anna enthusiastically replied. By now, we had paddled out a few hundred feet into the lake, deep enough that if we capsized we would have to swim. "It's a beautiful day! Perfect for--" When she had said beautiful, she had gestured quite a lot with her arms, and the canoe/kayak thing (which we had named Finnegan (Finnegan was a pedo canoe/kayak)) capsized.
"AAH!" I screeched gracefully (not really though). The water was really, really cold. "O-oh my c-c-cod!" Anna and I were treading water, and for some reason, the story of Chuckles came back to us.
In this lake, there is a type of water-grass thing that is strangely fuzzy and tickle-ee. We had just so happened to capsize in a patch of said water-grass.
We were thinking about Chuckles as the water grass tickled our toes.
We totally, completely, and absolutely freaked out, swimming towards Finnegan the pedo canoe/kayak and climbing onto it. Finnegan had capsized, so were were climbing on to the side that normally sits in the water, and it was really slippery. The paddle was floating a few feet away from the canoe/kayak thing, out of our reach unless we swam for it.
It didn't help that Nina was swimming out towards us to see if we were okay, or perhaps to play some sort of cruel prank on us.
It turned  out that it was the second option.
When Nina arrived, Anna and I were huddled on top of the capsized Finnegan the pedo canoe/kayak thing.
Since there was an air pocket trapped under the capsized Finnegan, Nina grinned and quickly dove under, ending up under Finnegan but still able to breathe because of the air bubble trapped there.
An eerie voice floated up from under the canoe/kayak thing.
"I have de-cie-ved you~!"
And then Finnegan was pushed over again and Nina had a great time chasing us around.



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