Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Sarcasm Curse (And Oodles of Audrey Links)

Just a quick note, this post was inspired (heavily) by my good friend Audrey, the same Audrey whose blog is linked in her name. The very same Audrey who drew a more awesome dragon than I did. The same Audrey I took selfies with and started a class riot with (Link to that post here, I promise it's not another Audrey link). Also, don't try clicking on all the Audrey links, they all lead to Audrey's blog's home page. Sorry, I think I'm having too much fun with the Audrey links here. Hehe, sorry about all the blog views Audrey. Now you owe me one (slip a link in a post for me, will ya Audrey?)
AudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudreyAudrey. Heheh.

That side note wasn't as quick as I hoped it would be, unfortunately....ahah....

....Moving on....

Those of you who know me know that I'm a very sarcastic person. Well, I try to be. There's a slight issue I have with sarcasm that all my friends will confirm.
Unless I'm trying really, REALLY hard, my normal voice sounds almost exactly like my sarcastic voice.
If you thought I was showcasing my sarcastic talents back in that last sentence, you were very wrong. In fact, I could never have been more sincere about something in my life
*coughs* I wasn't being sarcastic there, either, just so you know.
As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, my normal voice has some sort of quality to it that makes it sound constantly sarcastic. This can be a problem for me, especially in conversations.
Serious conversations.
Here's an example of a conversation gone terribly wrong due to someone misinterpreting my facial cues and voice...

Context: On a lake on my friend's parents' boat

Me (To a friend's parent): This boat can go super fast.
Friend's parent: Well, if you don't like it, why don't we just make you fall out of this extremely suicidal inner tube we're towing you in.
Me: Ohno. *Gets thrown out of inner tube*

Context: My Birthday Party several years ago

Me (to guest): Thanks, I've always wanted one of these! It's even my favorite color! *cheesy grin*
Guest: Well I have a receipt. You can return it if you don't like it. *Sulks*
Me: Ohno. *proceeds to hug guest*

Context: Restauraunt with Family

Me (to waitress/waiter): Ooh, can I have some more breadsicks please? They're just so tasty!
Waitress/er: *struggles to maintain smiling face* If you're dissatisfied with your meal, due to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we can offer you all of your money back.
Me: Ohno. It's actually really tasty. *proceeds to explain to waiter/tress)

As you can see, this whole sarcasm curse is a bit of a...well....a curse. I'm actually really polite (most of the time), promise. It's not that I have a problem with sarcasm, I actually really love it. It's just that after a while, you get a bit tired of being istaken for some sort of cynical jerk who insults everything and everyone.
If you ever meet me, I wish you luck discerning my sarcasm from my normal speech.
Thanks for reading!

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